AN-EL Code of Conduct

AN-EL, as a responsible employer and a good corporation strives to produce products performing the functions of electrical devices and to develop them without endangering human lives. All activities are in accordance with relevant directives for human rights, occupational health and safety as well as the directives on the environment should be carried out with the main idea of sustainability.

Ensuring the compliance with the Code of Business Ethics is the responsibility of all employees and management. In case of Incompatibility, the employees are encouraged to report it to the responsible persons and it is expected from them too to do so. In addition, it should be assured that there would be no retaliation or other negative consequences.

This Code of Business Ethics at all fields of activity is particularly the mandatory rules for our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Laws and Regulations

ANEL and its suppliers will act in full conformity activities with laws and regulations related to the activity and employment. Suppliers will also agree to comply with these rules.

Specific requirements

Child labor

Child labor is not tolerated in any form. Young laborers (age 16) can be employed at appropriate works (summer work – internship etc.). For authorized minors, management is responsible for providing working conditions, hours of work and wage appropriate for his or her age and in compliance with applicable local law.

Forced labor

Forced or involuntary labor is not tolerated in any form. This includes prison, indentured and bonded labor, and other forms of working against one’s own will or choice. Employee is obligated to perform works written in their employment contract.

Health & safety

All employees shall be provided with a safe and healthy working environment. The employer should take appropriate action to prevent workplace accidents or illnesses. Employers are required to protect their own health care in order to have operational continuity.


ANEL recognizes and respects cultural differences. Nevertheless, all employees shall be treated strictly according to his or her abilities and qualifications in any employment decisions, including but not limited to hiring, advancement, compensation, benefits, training, layoffs and termination.

Harassment and abuse

No employee shall be subject to corporal punishment or to physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Working hours

ANEL regulates working hours for all employees with a time of 8 hours per day and 1 hour resting time per day. Total running time of more than 60 hours per week (overtime included) will not be requested. Except in extraordinary business circumstances, all workers shall be entitled to at least one day off in every seven-day period.


Wages, including overtime and benefits, shall equal or exceed the level required by applicable law.

Environmental compliance

Environmental issues are very important and privileged for ANEL employee. A holistic approach is applied with the objective to minimize the environmental impact from production, product use and disposal. The unit shall take appropriate actions to address all relevant environmental impacts, including emissions, waste and resource consumption. A management system shall be in place, aimed to continuously improve the units’ environmental standards and performance.

Responsibilities to the suppliers and Stakeholders

As expected from a good customer, we act respectfully, fairly and ensure the necessary care to fulfill obligations on time. We carefully protect confidential information about people, our business partners and organizations that we do business with.

Giving or taking gifts

Employees cannot accept any gifts or benefits which affect their neutrality, decisions or behavior, do not attempt does not attempt to offer gifts and benefits to the third person or institution which can cause such effects. The top management defines which kind of gifts and promotions can be given to third persons. Advertisement and promotional gifts should not be for personal use.


It is a common responsibility of our companies and employees to share and in this process to keep all Information confidentially which can create a competitive disadvantage, trade secrets, financial and other information which are not yet disclosed to the public, the use of staff privacy information and information within this framework signed “confidentiality agreements” with third parties. We share this information only with relevant persons within the authorizations.

Conflict Minerals

We are committed not to purchase materials which we know contain conflict minerals that may contribute to human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo or an adjoining country. An-El expects all of its suppliers to provide the origin of tungsten, tantalum, tin and gold (3TGs) and implement controls in their supply chain as well.

Monitoring and Compliance

Management is responsible to inform employees about these rules, rights, duties and responsibilities and responsible to implement them. Management self and suppliers are responsible for ensuring adequate documentation to demonstrate compliance with these rules. Those who violate the Code of Ethics or the Company’s policies and procedures need to be subject to discipline, including termination of employment.

Disciplinary sanctions will be applied also to the persons who confirm, direct the inappropriate behaviors and actions cause violation of the rules or who are aware of the situation without doing the necessary notification accordingly.