Starts activity with Rotary Switches production.
At own building in Istanbul-Cevizli District acitivities continued by expanding. Bakelite, porcelain and melamine rocker switch production started.
Indicator lamp with bakelite body started.
Beside of Bakelite raw materials first indicator lamp with plastic body has been produced by using the plastic materials in production.
Begins the using the silk screen printing technique.
Starts the production for plastic parts with plastic injection machines at own plant.
Silver contact production started with know-how support of Japanese Chugai Company. AKS Ltd.Co has been founded after joining a partnership with Mr.Konas.
Purchase of Arburg branded machinery and starts the plastic part production.
AKS Ltd. has move to its plant in Pendik District.
First participation to an international fair Domotechnica-Cologne. First Export realized,VDE certification process started.
Cooperation and Turkey Representation of BAR Electrowerke GmbH.
More certification process with VDE and accordingly increasing of export.
Moving from Cevizli Facility to Pendik Facility.
After a partnership with Mr.C.Arslan the ANC Mold Machine Ind.Ltd. has been founded.
AUDIT performed by German Accreditation Institute DAR and ISO 9001-2000 certification.
Our export rate has exceeded 1/3 of our total sales.
AKS has moved to the new facility in Pendik District. Whole 2100 m² facility has been started to use by AN-EL.
As a result of the audit performed by VDE Testing and Certification Institute, ISO9001 Certificate has been upgraded to ISO9001:2008 version. Participation to United Nations Global Compact Initiative. Share transfers to Mr. C. Durmaz at the joint venture of AKS Switch and Contact Industry. UYUMSOFT ERP Software has started to be implemented.
New products have been introduced. Website has been updated. Especially tool and mass production studies about new special projects have been completed. Effectiveness of the ERP software has been achieved. Commissioning of automation projects started. Investment in machinery was started to increase production capacity. Occupational Health and Safety as well as our environment activities are continuing to develop.
With the purchase of component production of DEKA Company which is a major producer of our industry we have expanded our product range with new products such as hotplate switches, switches for multi-function oven, refrigerator door switches, dishwasher – washing machine on-off switches. This year the number of employees came up to 140 people. After adding machines and plastic production area to the production facility, our capacity has been doubled. Through the automation support in indication lamp production, product quality and capacity are increased. Apart from VDE we had also cooperation with DEKRA for KEMA regarding the Product certification. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 projects started which is supported by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization in Turkey) for establishing the Management System and certification.
We have made an effort to meet customer demands with increasing our product quality and product capacity. Also we have accelerated to making investment to the product automation. We have continued to take place to the research and design studies in the customer oriented project. Our company became the membership of the TURKHAS TEAM created with URGE project scope which is supported by Ministry of Economy. Our Environmental and Occupational health and safety activities are certificated by DEKRA with EN-ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Many new product studies have been done in accordance with the customer requests. Our new products in Rotary Switch, Rocker Switch and Signal Lamp are shown in our webside. With the participation of new members, our export department became more effective and dynamic for supporting the foreign relations. Working areas are arranged and our offices are renewed. We maintained our studies regarding quality and productivity with ongoing production automation projects.