Production Technic

Our products are consisting of plastic and metal parts assembly.

Plastic parts are in accordance with RoHS and REACH criteria and meet up the electrical and mechanical specifications produced of engineering plastics by ARBURG branded injection machines. PA6, PA66, PC, PSU materials are our raw materials. They will be defined according to the terms of product use, aesthetic expectations and their performance.

Metal parts consisting of copper, brass and steel materials are in accordance with the criteria of ROHS directives and Reach which can meet the electrical and mechanical specifications. Contact materials are manufactured with alloy or pure silver defined according to the electrical and life conditions. Our design and implementation experience in the contact production is based on many years of experience.

Assembling the appropriate production techniques at our services it is provided that our products meet the quality and the expected long life specifications. We prefer Crimping instead of soldering material and ultrasonic welding instead of sticking.

In our activities we use ERP software and produce according to the concepts of Just in Time (JIT) and Just in Sequence (JIS). In this way we successfully meet our goal of low cost and on time delivery.

With the expert support in occupational health and safety we perform a highly efficient production and eliminate the risks.

We do not make a negative impact to the environment at our manufacturing operations due to our waste management.